The Designer Phone Cases We're Dreaming Of Getting Our Hands On

Iphone With Tetris Game


As much as we want to deny it, we are all glued to our phones.

Therefore, when it comes to our style hierarchy we're less likely to be judged for our shoes, and more likely by the 5 inch design on our phone case.

Back in the day a Nokia phone case would probably set you back no more than a fiver, but for the latest designer selection, you're looking at anything up to $50. Jaw-dropping, we know.

However, anything that gives us that 'OMG I need that now' feeling often comes at a price, so we'll be counting our pennies until we get our hands on one of these dreamy babies. After all, you're are only as cool as your designer phone case.

1. GameBoy 

Find the best entertainment iphone cover for this summer. With this ultra-slim protective phone cover with small games, you can also protects your iPhone from drops, bumps, and scratches.

Perfect case when you are on travel or waiting: Play games while protecting your phone.

With it's game canvas and what looks like pretty protective gold detail we can see why it's the fashion accessory of the season.



2. Customized Iphone Case

And because nothing is more important than the people we love, this is one of the best ways to show the love we feel.
Just send a photo of your loved one, be it your girlfriend, your family, your nephew, or even a photo of you.

Also you can choose color and the material, hard and soft transparent, hard matt half transparent, soft matt white,  soft matt red and soft matt black.

3. Retro

A design from the recent past, it's something that makes us remember, how were those past times.

So it's why we choose to be in third place, this funny covers.


4. Matching Cases 

Do you love your boyfriend/girlfriend? Of course you do, we all do. Now imagine something that we can share, something that we can match with the person that we love! how great would it feel to make our partner happy? Great idea to match with iphone cases, with many different models, that we feel proud to show our love. Now the difficult part, we can't decide which matching case is the cutest, we just know we need them, like, now.

Prices from 4.99$ on this link


5. Luxury vs AntiGravity vs Magnetic 

Unsurprisingly, we are looking for phone cases that are snazzy and not expensive, and protective and maybe waterproof, all mixed together as you might expect.
But this seems to be impossible as you might guess, so that's why we'll give to you the responsability to choose wich one of the three, are the one who deserves the 5th place.

Prices from 7.78$ on this link


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